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Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Victory of the Ages

The power that breaks cedars and redwoods, the magic that attends those who seek glory, and the joy indescribable which peals through the caliginosity of the Ohio air...all have visited Earth tonight heralding the dawn of restoration. The warmth of the divine smile upon the myriads of the devoted has rested with the weight of mercy previously forgotten.

With the nestling of two strips of bound cowhide in the glove of one called Rizzo, the mountains shake with the power and fury of a universe of followers too long silent. And from their throats echo forth the good tidings of curses broken, chords of passion that have too long lain dormant in a cruel history too oft remembered. And now we declare to Earth's widest bounds that the curse is over, and the Goat is dead!

Let no man be haughty over his lofty position, for the Breakers of the Curse have risen upward in a tidal wave that shatters such ugly pride and scatters it like chaff in the wind! And let no one despair in the throes of their humiliation, for those once driven low--no matter how long their subjugation--are raised up vicariously through the endeavors of these warriors under a clear November sky.

So let the oceans roar and foam, and may the munificent rumbling of victory resound from coast to coast, shaking the foundations of the world from age to age and evermore. Let angels and archangels thunder forth perpetual acclaim from their highest dwelling with power that splits the rocky depths of hell below! That which was spoiled in the land of grass and vines has been restored, the lowly have been raised up, and all who waited through the ages have gained their reward! Rejoice and be glad, the time is fulfilled, for the Chicago Cubs are the champions of the world!