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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Louis C.K. and A Word to the Wise

My colleague Dan Legters showed this video at a faculty meeting a couple years back.

To get to where Louis C.K. (from the FX show "Louie") starts talking, go to the 35-second mark, and once Louis is done around 4:20, stop it (couple of instances of objectionable language afterward with the laptop comedians).

It's well worth it (if you can ignore the people in the lower-left hand corner)...He makes some great point about how--even though technology has made our lives easier--what has entered in is a sense of entitlement where the world owes us a ton.

One curse word from Louis C.K. is bleeped out, for those of you worried about language.

What do you think? What to do about the double-edged sword of our lives made easier but our spirits becoming more filled with discontent and covetousness?

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