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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Discussion Guide and the Paperback!

Ahead of schedule, the Litany of Secrets discussion guide is finally here!

Also, the paperback of Litany of Secrets is out ahead of schedule! We have discovered that Amazon has moved faster than we anticipated on getting the paperback out. I heard from a friend today that she had just received her copy of Litany of Secrets in the mail from Amazon, so go ahead and place your orders if you haven't pre-ordered already! The faster you order, the quicker you get it in your hands.

As you work your way through the book, give me your feedback about it! I really want to know your honest opinion.

Once again, you can either click on the ebook of the discussion guide here or go to the Pages menu and click on "Litany of Secrets Discussion Guide" there.

Happy reading!

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