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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Crazy Kids!

I'm back in the announcer's booth this Saturday for Westminster Christian Academy's homecoming game of sorts. It's part of an insanely chock-full Carnival weekend of fun, games, alumni gatherings, and so forth.

To spice things up, I asked my students--at the beginning of a recent quiz on moral philosophy--a silly question.

"Rabbi is announcing the football game at Carnival. If you could have him work in one word or phrase during the game what would it be?"

Yes, you guessed I am "Rabbi" (holdover from having a father who specialized in Old Testament studies and all things Hebrew). The whole question had a massive whiff of the scene in the movie Leap of Faith when the whole entourage of Steve Martin's traveling evangelist show puts money in the pot with a word or phrase he must work into his sermon. If he uses them all, he wins the money.

Now, not everyone answered, but many had fun with it, and so for a bit of mindless entertainment on your Thursday, here are some responses:



"That's how we do it"

"Whatever happens, God loves you"

"I'm very hungry and I would love some 'wh'-eat thins" (Family Guy fans will recognize the reference)



"If you know what I mean"


"Chelsea is my favorite student because she reads my books" (Quick, three guesses as to the first name of the student who wrote that)


"Chickens are fuzzy"

Well, I doubt I'll be working those in (gotta stay professional, you know), but it's nice to know the creative juices among my students can still flow like the Jordan River at springtime.

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