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Monday, December 8, 2014

In Memory of Andy

Today marks eighteen years since my friend Andy Tant died. Today his father, Mike, shared a poem in remembrance of his son and my friend. I've received Mike's permission to share it in the blogosphere, and I hope the words bless you as they have me.


by Mike Tant

A leaf floats gently on the breeze,
As it spins and twists in an apparent random fall,
Only its Maker, the Lord of wind
Knows where it will come to rest

The leaf floats gently on the breeze,
And on the pond it settles as silently as the snow.
The pond struggles against its weight,
And sends out ripples announcing the invasion.

The leaf sinks quietly in the pond,
As the ripples expand from the source;
They travel to an unseen shore
And moisten, for awhile, a patch of dry ground.

A life well-lived for Christ is like that leaf upon the breeze;
The soul does not always understand the twists and turns,
But the Maker's plan is sure.
And He is able to make the slightest good--
A thing that impacts and endures.

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