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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Break Hotspots

In the downshift of spring break week, yet in the interest of keeping the brain and soul engaged, here are some cultural and religious hotspots of note for the grist mill.

Dolce & Gabbana, the Italian power fashion duo and former gay partners, shook up the world by declaring "The only family is the traditional one."

Elton John was quick to respond to D & C's comments with boycott language.

Tele-evangelist Creflo A. Dollar has implored his congregation to raise $65 million to help him purchase a Gulfstream jet. All this to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to full effect. You know, because even a DC-10 would've help the apostles canvas more of the Roman Empire back in the day, and Dollar needs to pick up the slack where the Holy Spirit tarries.

By the way, isn't the fact that the evangelist's last name is Dollar a warning label in and of itself?

Carl Trueman looks back at the signing of Evangelicals and Catholics Together from over twenty years ago.

Although Rachel Held Evans maintains Christian denominations in America are in decline, how true is this assertion?

The recent spade of violence, death, and mistrust make The Walking Dead fans wonder if the group may need to leave Alexandria. Or take over the safe zone.

Some good thoughts from Secular Pro-Life on a bipartisan vision for the pro-life movement.

Coming back to LGBT issues and the church in America, prominent evangelical fellowship City Church of San Francisco has written a pastoral letter stating they will no longer require lifelong celibacy from gay parishioners before joining CCSF. They will expect chastity (sexual purity) in singleness and marriage, but legitimize both heterosexual and homosexual marriages.

With a quick counter to the CCSF decision, Christopher Robins (who was a couple years ahead of me at Covenant Seminary) offers this response on the Aquila Report. 

And that should keep all of you busy for now! Happy reading!

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