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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hey...I've Got a Question!

Later this summer, it's quite likely the next volume in the Cameron Ballack Mystery series will be available. The Broken Cross will continue the story of our wheelchair-bound gumshoe as he blends logic and intuition while getting used to having more personnel as part of a larger team. That means the murders get nastier and the interpersonal relationships get more complex. 

The tapestry of greater St. Louis is still in full force, and as we begin at the Cathedral Basilica and move to the Drury Plaza at the Arch, to Fast Eddie's Bon Air in Alton, IL, to St. Vincent's Park for some Gaelic football and all places in between, the pace will not let up. It's a different sort of mystery, but readers should enjoy a consistently great story. 

Nonetheless, in the interest of promoting the book's release, I fully recognize some people still have questions. Some of them may revolve around some basics about writing: "How did you figure out what to write about?", "What's your writing routine?".

Or some question might revolve around my books themselves, like "Why these characters?", "Who do your people represent?", "Why St. Louis?"

Maybe you have some questions about the Christian faith and the art of storytelling. Perhaps you want to know where the whole storyline is headed. Maybe you have a question that doesn't fit in these categories.

To that end, I'm doing what I call "Build An Interview". Figuring my connections on social media might have the best queries because they've tended to read my stuff and get on my blog, this is open season. What you can do now is simply pose any question on writing/reading/faith/my books to me by responding here on my blog, via private message on Facebook, directly on my Facebook wall, or by tweeting me at @LukeHDavis, or to my email if you know it (I'm not slinging my email all over the public domain, though). The questions will be compiled and answered for however long they come in, and if you ask a truly unique one, I'll note your name as a bonus.

Let's build the interview, folks. What questions do you have for me?

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