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Monday, October 5, 2015

It's Worth Investing in Chesterton

One time after he read an article entitled, "What's Wrong With the World?", the Christian thinker G.K. Chesterton decided a response was in order. Because he was G.K. Chesterton, he also decided a pithy response was in order. And so he penned the following:

"Dear Sir, 
     Regarding your article 'What's Wrong With the World?': I am. Yours truly, G.K. Chesterton"

One of the great writers of all time, the lay Catholic theologian and Christian apologist G.K. Chesterton was known for bulldogging his way through paradox, utilizing the delicious turn of phrase, and engaging in serious but accessible theology. If you haven't worked much into the Chesterton universe, it's worth a journey. His classics Orthodoxy (which depicted his own spiritual journey) and The Everlasting Man (his rebuttal of H.G. Wells The Outline of History which serves as Chesterton's depiction of the spiritual journey of humanity) are much revered by even the sharpest critics.

Perhaps you don't have time to read anything by Chesterton. You could also partake of his Father Brown mysteries, given that they are running on many PBS stations around the country. Mark Williams--who played Arthur Weasley in the Harry Potter film series--plays the lovable crime-solving Catholic cleric set in the fictional village of Kembleford. Producers Rachel Flowerday and Tashin Guner have done a fantastic job of creating fresh mysteries in the Chesterton tradition. Check your PBS stations for listings as Series 3 is approaching its completion, although the good news is they are filming for the next season!

Whether in books or on public television, Chesterton is worth a try. Invest in the Prince of Paradox if you haven't yet, or even if it's been a while.

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