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Monday, December 5, 2016

The Key to College Football's Playoff

Those of you who wanted a playoff with a team having a shot at beating Alabama, you got your wish. Think about it.
Since Nick Saban became coach at Alabama, he has led his team to a bowl in each season, winning after 2007 (beat Colorado in the Independence), 2009 (vs. Texas in the BCS title game), 2010 (crushed Michigan State in the Citrus), 2011 (beat LSU in the BCS title game), 2012 (toppled Notre Dame in the BCS title game), and 2015 (pounded Michigan State in the Cotton and Clemson in CFP title game).

Losses? Those were in 2008 (beaten by Utah in the Sugar), 2013 (popped by Oklahoma in the Sugar), and 2014 CFP (run over by Ezekiel Elliott and Ohio State in the Sugar).
You see the trend? Yep. When Saban's Tide teams play schools that begin with CONSONANTS, the Tide wins the bowl matchup. When Alabama plays a team whose name begins with a VOWEL (Utah, Oklahoma, Ohio State), the Tide goes down in defeat.
It ALL comes down to consonants and vowels, people. Which means if the trend holds, neither Washington nor Clemson have a chance. It has to be Ohio State.
Consonants and vowels. Consonants and vowels. That's the key that undoes the lock. My work is done here, folks.

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