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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jordan's Little Blue Bowl

Little blue bowl
In a cupboard safekept
No ordinary dish are you
For you bore an angel’s touch
Well o'er a year
The passage of cereal,
Baby food, pasta, and
All we shared with him
You carried all the Cheerios
He gleefully threw into orbit
Leaving none within you
Little blue bowl
When we see you now
When we wash you today
We see his smile, the gleam
Of joy, the firm conviction
He knew he loved
And was loved completely
And you stood with him
Little blue bowl
Within you rested
One more meal although
We knew it not to
Be the last before
He lay down set to dream
And in that slumber heard
His Savior call his name
To bring him home
This day we recall his
Happy birth to dwell among us
And though he waits for us
We remember him
Through such as you
Little blue bowl

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