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Friday, April 5, 2013

Strife in the Balance

Those who know me recognize that--although I cannot follow her on her atheistic human-centric philosophy of Objectivism--I do believe there is a lot of wisdom in a number of Ayn Rand's principles. Not to mention I have learned much from reading her Atlas Shrugged.

Those who know me also recognize that I am a huge fan of C.S. Lewis. The grasp of theology and philosophy the Oxford Don possessed makes one feel like a precious pygmy. His Mere Christianity is--in my opinion--THE greatest nonfiction work of the 20th century. No one was better than Lewis at taking great ideas and making them comprehendible by the man on the street.

It's not that I expect people whose ideas I admire might conflict, if not contradict. What I recently discovered--much to my outright shock--was that Ayn Rand had read some of Lewis' material. And beyond that, she snubbed Lewis' beliefs and writings with an anger bordering on visceral.

I would say more, but Matthew Schmitz of First Things has already pointed it out in expert, erudite fashion. It makes for some interesting reading. Comment here if you have any thoughts.

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