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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


As I thought through the setting of Litany of Secrets, it became clear that if I was going to have a theological seminary at the center of the book, I needed a center to that center. In the daily life of the seminary, where is the heartbeat.

Answer? The chapel.

Several critical scenes unfold in the chapel at St. Basil's Seminary, a church structure which I gave the Chapel of the Theotokos. If you're confused by that title, it is the Greek label given by Orthodox Christians to the Virgin Mary. The literal rendering of Theotokos is "God-bearer" or "one who gives birth to God."

To whet the appetite for the scenes therein, here's a rendering of the chapel doors done by Ciarra Peters, who handled the cover art I showed on Sacred Chaos a few days back. The writing above the doors is Sanctify the body, engage the mind, transform the soul, which is the seminary's motto in the novel.

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