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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Maundy Thursday (A Poem)

Twilight stalks the dusty streets
Of Jerusalem this eve
The market bids its buyers
Firm farewells
Preparation for the feasts
On Jerusalem this eve
Give cover to One's anguish
Like a shell
With trembling steps He ascends
Into the upper room
Table spread, friends abound,
Traitor in the midst
First washing their feet
Before night's doom
The meal begins, He lodged
In sorrow's twist
Broken loaf is offered body
Though none understand
Questions come through murmurs,
whispers, and frowns
New covenant blood of wine
Poured by His hand
This is love, God and man
At table here sat down
The one among them leaves
Dismissed with sop of bread
They leave for Gethsemane
Where He will vie
In prayer for those he loves
In sacrificial stead
The Son of Man has now
Gone forth to die

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