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Monday, March 11, 2013

The First Word Before All Others

The coffee is in my system, the winter snows have melted, and the journey of life marches on. But this month is a watershed for me. First of all, I am joining the blogosphere with this site, bringing what I hope to be some judicious ideas about life, spirituality, and–what has become a great passion of mine–writing.
 I am especially excited because March is the kickoff for the earnest editing process for my first novel, Litany of Secrets. I have written a couple other self-printed titles (more on that another time), but this novel is my first nudge into a very public arena, and Dunrobin Publishing is making that dream come true.
Litany of Secrets is the first volume in the Cameron Ballack mystery series. Imagine if you would a St. Louis-area detective. He has known a fair bit of success, mainly due to a photographic memory and a hyperkinetic mind that can recall and synthesize information to see the big picture of a case. This same mind resides in a person who has known great loss and grief, and due to tragedy of years past, Detective Cameron Ballack has become a convinced agnostic. The battle against the past is not the only one he fights, for he is a true anomaly in the police detectivebureau. He is wheelchair-bound, the victim of a rare neuromuscular disorder that limits his activities. Despite these limitations, and even though confirmed in his skepticism, Ballack has this incredible knack of getting assigned to murder cases that occur in religious environments.
That is the overall picture of which Litany of Secrets is a part. I’ll be sharing more details about the book itself in months to come (as well as my thoughts on life and writing and other matters), but the journey begins now. It’s a pleasure to have you come along for the ride!


L.B. Graham said...

Welcome to said blogosphere, friend. Looking forward to seeing "Litany of Secrets" in print!

Luke H. Davis said...

Very exciting stuff. The blog is practically a member of the family at times.