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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Seeing Easter Everywhere

Where do I see Easter?

- I see Easter in every sunrise wherever I've been, including the plains of western Kansas, the beaches of south Florida, over a horse pasture in Virginia, while sipping coffee on the porch of a New Hampshire cottage, and from our hotel window in the middle of Berlin.

- I see Easter is the rejuvenation of spirit in my students who "get it" and who realize that what we learn does have enduring consequences and that they can change the world.

- I see Easter in Narnia, when Aslan rose up from a shattered Stone Table, defeating the Deep Magic and setting death to work backwards.

- I see Easter when my daughter works through her struggles in math and--bit by bit, little by little--she understands it just a little better than she did before.

- I see Easter when I read a mystery novel and Adam Dalgliesh makes the arrest and justice can begin to work itself out.

- I see Easter when four dogs carry our son's neuromuscular disorder within their bodies, all the way to Seattle, so that perhaps many families like ours might have hope for a cure.

- I see Easter when daffodils bloom in our yard, when leaves come back to a maple tree, and when the temperature gets pleasant enough to eat out on the deck.

- I see Easter in my wife, who never gives up on anything, including me.

- I see Easter in the fact that my Grandpa Davis now recognizes everyone he sees, that my Grandma Davis' faithfulness is rewarded, that my Granddad Herron has regained his powers of speech, and that my Grandma Herron has cast her Parkinson's disease far, far away.

- I see Easter in a dislodged rock, disheveled soldiers, delighted disciples, and a definite hope.

- And I see Easter in the glorious truth that our sweet little Jordan runs and laughs to his heart's content, because every day for him is Easter.

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