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Saturday, June 21, 2014

And the Preview Run is Over!

Let me say first of all, I've loved doing these Match of the Day mini-previews. It's been a blast going down memory lane in the World Cup and thinking through what might happen in this one. However, after tomorrow's games, I'll be hanging up my prognosticator's hat and enjoying the rest of the World Cup without weighing in on particular games here at Sacred Chaos.

There are several reason for this:

(1) From a strategy perspective, we've already got five teams already in the knockout round, and five teams (including defending champ Spain) eliminated after only two group games. That means that from Monday through Thursday, we have four games each day. If a match could make the difference in a team going on or being out, it's significant. If not, it's not. It's that simple. After a rest day on Friday, we begin the knockout phase on Saturday, June 28th. I might pick up some previews when we get to the quarterfinals, but a rest is in order.

(2) I have a fairly busy family week this week. Joshua has vent clinic at St. Louis Children's Hospital on Tuesday, Lindsay has her orthodontic appointment Thursday afternoon, and I have to take Lindsay to her archery camps on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. 

(3) To top it off, I need to take my laptop in to school so that the IT department can do some mandatory updates on it, thus making it fit and fiddle for the upcoming school year. So I'll part with it on Monday and get it back later in the week. It'll be good to have a break.

So thanks for tagging along for the World Cup ride so far. Probably see you all in cyberspace in about a week!

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