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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The World Arrives in Brazil

If you have some deep issues to discuss over the next month, I'm probably not the person for you.

Such is life in the Davis household when the World Cup is on.

We radically reorient our priorities.

Nothing matters but soccer or--as the rest of the world calls it--football.

And so if that's going on, why not reorient my blog for a bit? Not for the entire tournament, but at least through the group stage.

Today won't feature any analysis with opening day, as there is only one game (Brazil vs. Croatia, about to kick off now on ESPN), but from tomorrow through every day of the group stage, I'll be presenting my preview choice for the "match of the day". As there will be at least two or three games each day, we'll have a bit to choose from.

So come along for the ride! The world has come to Brazil. Many teams, but there can be only one winner!

Hopefully, it will be Germany. Deutschland uber alles!

Until tomorrow.

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