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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Twenty Days of Comfort: Day 9, "Mommy"

In early August 2007, we faced up to the reality that our oldest child Joshua needed to be trached to facilitate his breathing and recovery following his spinal fusion surgery. I would remain in Miami with Joshua for the lead-up to the surgery while Christy returned with Lindsay and Jordan to Royal Palm Beach for some school year preparation and some down time after the sheer brutality of the previous two weeks. After what she had endured with Joshua's needs, I know waking up in a relatively quiet home and being able to play with her baby boy brought a lot of joy to my wife's heart.

And--I believe--it captured Jordan's heart, for sure. Hence, today's poem, through his eyes, about his loving mother and my darling wife.


Her life may be an upward climb,
But sweet the moments she holds me.
Her heartbeat signals peaceful rhyme;
She hugs me close upon her knee.

While Daddy watches Josh afar, 
My day begins with smiling face
Given to me like Christmas star;
Her joy is evident to trace.

She feeds me cereal and pears,
And gently after strokes my chin.
She whispers to me grateful thanks:
I've made her feel younger again.

She beams euphoric all day long;
We play beneath the azure blue 
Midsummer sky, and this I know:
My Mommy loves me, this is true.

We eat with friends who beg to play
With me in voices sweet and light.
And so I do, but I will not
Let Mommy drift out of my sight.

For she's the one who gave me life;
Thus my protector she has been.
And once again with grateful thanks
She says I've made her young again.

And end of day, my crib will call
To hold me tight in slumber's space,
But not before my Mommy gets 
To have one final night's embrace.

For her sweet joy is evidence--
I surely need no cryptic clue 
Of all this means, for this I know:
My Mommy loves me, this is true.


Mike Tant said...

I cried the first time I read this . . . and its a repeat this morning! Thanks for sharing.

Luke H. Davis said...

Many thanks, Mike. My wife's grace and strength through many trials have always brought hope and courage to my heart. It is a tear-jerker.

Chris Robinson said...

Luke - These are incredible each day and I look forward to the next with each email that comes into my inbox