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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Twenty Days of Comfort: Day 18, "Happy"

While it is still hard to know Jordan is not with us anymore, there have been many things to be thankful for. After Jordan spent a few days in the hospital for a respiratory illness, he seemed well enough to bring home. And during what turned out to be his last days (although we were unaware they would be), his playful spirit filled our house to the brim.

This poem remembers his last full day with us, one in which he almost polished off a full bowl of Beef-A-Roni, continued walking on his own, and sat with Joshua and Lindsay in a frenzied laugh-fest as they watched some Pink Panther cartoons. 

We wouldn't give up those remnants of joy for all the money in the world.


Now home at last for near a week
My wild rumpus gladdens all
Who see or hear my active streak
Across the room or down the hall

My sister plays with giant blocks
I lumber o'er like massive clown
And my left hand then quickly socks
Her tower, which goes crashing down

My brother's laughter then unglues
As great mischief within me snaps
So sneakily, I grab his shoes
And covertly undo his straps

My mommy's now in cleaning mode
The vacuum whirrs with happy hum
I chase it 'round like hopping toad
Which gives my heartstrings joyful strum

At dinnertime we bless our food
I clutch my daddy's hand in prayer
My beef and pasta all tastes good
As thankfulness we gladly share

Warm water plunges in the bath
The soap and shampoo cleansing me
Before I burn more comic paths
And scramble 'round the house so free

With Josh and Lindsay one more time
I watch cartoons and laugh out loud
Their happy chuckles with me chime
Ensconcing me like pillowed cloud

More hugs and kisses bring day's end
Under the light of shining moon
Mommy and Daddy kiss me and
Promise that morning's coming soon

More right than imagined they are...

For a voice is calling from afar...

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