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Friday, November 15, 2013

Twenty Days of Comfort: Day 12, "Standing"

Given all of Jordan's challenges, one would figure he'd have an upward climb in meeting his physical milestones. But to see the courage and joy emanating from him, you sensed the confidence growing within him that he'd hit those points before long. It was in February 2008 that he began utilizing the sofa to balance himself and cruise around the den of our Florida home with a smile that beamed like the sun.

In honor and memory of those wonderful day, here is today's remembrance:


On February afternoon
When all our family is home
I've reached another milestone
Within my little life's grand tome

Gather close and hear the story
I'll tell you how it came to be:
Inside our house, within the den,
I sit upon my Daddy's knee

The dark green love seat beckons me
It's sat there many days on end
But now I hear its siren call
I grasp it like a long-lost friend

My left knee buckles, then holds firm
My right hand lifts to steady me
And while Dad watches from behind
Mom and Lindsay stop and see

They see me grasp for fabric soft
They see me wobble, then aright
And place my hands upon the couch
There's surely no more need for fright

And then surprises more await!
I turn to them as Josh wheels o'er
I magnify their shock supreme
With one additional gift galore

From side to side my hips will churn
In notes unexpectedly sweet
And balancing on my support
I scoot about upon my feet

Another goal is conquered thus
Yet more to come I am aware
For now I see the strength of God
In every challenge that I dare

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