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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Twenty Days of Comfort: Day 10, "Daddy"

It feels a tad odd to be writing a poem about the relationship Jordan and I had, but this was inspired by a seminal event. When Christy and I had swapped out again on Joshua's care, she going to Miami to stay with him, I remained in Royal Palm Beach with Lindsay and five-month old Jordan. My days during the school week consisted of waking up extra early, getting ready, getting Lindsay and Jordan ready, packing up Jordan's Port-a-Play bed and his bottles of formula, then dropping off Jordan at whoever was in the church rotation to take care of him that day, get Lindsay to school, then teach and do my chaplain duties at the same school, grab Lindsay, we go get Jordan, go home, make dinner, feed Jordan, play with the kids, get them to bed, and then collapse after a phone update from Christy.

One night after a week or so of this routine, my body couldn't keep up. I was sitting on the sofa, holding Jordan, when I apparently passed out from exhaustion. I woke to the sensation of what seemed like butterfly legs on my lips. I opened my eyes to Jordan's fingers dancing on my mouth and his concerned look turning to joy.

It was a moment I'll never forget, and it's the event that inspired this poem.


My Daddy's shoulders are broader than mine,
But they are made of flesh and bone,
And his arms reach down to me tenderly
Before he speaks in softest tone.

"I have to go to work today and so
Another is caring for you.
I'm tired and weary and turned and tossed.
I just can't believe this is true."

"I can't understand that this is your lot
To see new faces every day.
One day, you'll see, our whole family
Will all come home, for good, to stay."

So once again my Daddy kisses me
Goodbye into another's care.
Before the twilight comes, he's back again;
I'm resting 'neath his kindly stare.

With Lindsay he and I our dinner make.
His tired smile warms me well.
On love seat soft he holds my little frame
While breath puffs from his tired shell.

Like a determined mule my Daddy plows
Through daily moments large and small.
He warms to Mommy's voice, a smile from me,
Lindsay's "Good night"--he loves us all.

Open your eyes again, Daddy, and I
Will reach toward you and touch your face
Before a goodnight kiss, a signal blessed
By our true Father's sacred grace.

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Chris Robinson said...

Wow, Luke - what a memory! God has blessed you through Jordan :)