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Friday, November 8, 2013

Twenty Days of Comfort, Day 5: "Lindsay"

One of the marked differences to our home life once Jordan arrived from the NICU was how Lindsay constantly doted on him. She had just gone from her primary identity of "little sis" and now could play mother hen to someone younger than her, and she performed admirably. We lost track of the number of times she wanted to hold him, kiss him, and play with him. And I think Jordan probably noticed his sister's affection and giving heart.


Paper, markers, paint
Near the table I watch her
Making my treasure

This is how she finds her joy
Color bound to form, and then
Story leaps from the creation
She now places in my hand

Picture books she loves to show me
Moments we spend together
Jesus must think a lot of me
To give me such a sister

Kisses, smiles, hugs
She never does grow weary
My sister Lindsay

Such whirlwind moves of energy
I wish I could be like her
Kindness she rains down upon me
Lindsay, my loving sister

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