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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Twenty Days of Comfort: Day 2, "Life"

When Jordan was born, he came out with a pained look on his face but you couldn't help but fall in love with him. For the next hour or so, however, we were consumed with several other worries. His oxygen saturation was fluctuating. His body was floppy, a dead giveaway that he had the same myopathy as Joshua.

In looking back, I began to ask, "What would Jordan say if he could recall those frantic moments?" The results are as follows. The meter might be familiar, for those who have sung "In Christ Alone." But the story is the main thing. As in everything, Jordan met his challenges head on with God holding his hand tightly.


With all around, in breathing sea
My small lungs make their first foray.
Magnificent intensity!
Life filters in without delay. 
And, as all there react deftly,
My God bestows his grace dearly
To grant me his sure gift of life:
Here in my Father's world I breathe.

Then all look on with worried glance
While my whole world erupts in sound.
In darkened fright all look askance;
Worry and agony abound.
I struggle on, I bravely fight,
But weakened bones have little might.
Oh, grant me some small gift of strength:
Here in my Father's world I fear.

And from the room my form they take
While in slight distance, close nearby,
My parents' hearts begin to ache;
Their souls assault God's throne in cry.
Yet even then as spirits sag,
My courage soars like windblown flag.
God's grace restrains my soul from death:
Here in my Father's world I hope.

No need for fright, nor for despair:
Mercies abound, poured out on me,
A clasping hand, a fervent prayer,
Love rushing in so rich and free!
And thus, through every day and night,
Walking by faith and not by sight,
May God grant us his gift of love:
Here in my Father's world I live.

Tomorrow: Day 3, "Healing"

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