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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Twenty Days of Comfort: Day 11, "Christmas"

We will always remember Jordan as a child of two Easters, one Thanksgiving, and one very special Christmas. The Yuletide of 2007 was a wonderful time where we finally got some breathing space from the medical trials of the past year. Even Jordan must have gotten caught up in the celebration because the little eight-month old codger reached for my bottle of Beck's Light when I was taking a swallow! The fact that he had only one Christmas is poignant; the reality that we spent it with him is delightful; the supreme conviction that every day he spends is Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all rolled into one gives us great hope.

After all that, today's poem:


A change in the air
From warm to crisp
Brings to an end
The autumn's tryst.
My family's here
Bustling around,
For Christmas is here:
The joyful sound!
Our friends will arrive
Much later today,
But now there's even
More time to play.
Excitement has split
The air like spears
With this joyful truth:
Christmas is here!
Amidst all the smiles,
My spirits lift:
Mom's handing to me
A beautiful gift.
The chatter breaks forth,
Invades my ear
As I shout for joy:
Christmas is here!
My family all 'round
With smiles in place,
And I pause to think
If this be grace
To be my one time,
I've naught to fear:
For Christ loves me still.
His presence is here!

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