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Monday, November 18, 2013

Twenty Days of Comfort: Day 15, "Birthday"

After a year of tumbles and turns, of narrow escapes and sober reflection, of one job ending and another provided, our family gathered around the table in celebration on April 5, 2008. Jordan--beaming with happiness and wondering what all the fuss was about--was celebrating his first birthday.


There's a joy contagious to this day
I think to myself
You're one year old today
They say to me
I know little of years, months, days
I think to myself
You bring light to our days
They say to me

Some time ago
Before the world began
The day of my birth 
Was set forth
They call today
A celebration
My family looks back
As we look forward

The sacraments of days
Are brought to table
It does seem strange 
To say we honor
The Maker of the stars
With candles, cake,
Drinks, and ice cream.
But we remember
And give thanks.

All the gifts of
The year gone past
Are strewn across the path
Of grace breathed forth
Before the foundation
Of all the ages
With courage and love
We confess anew:
This is a day of hope.

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