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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Twenty Days of Comfort: Day 16, "Straw"

After we moved to the St. Louis area in the summer of 2008, it seemed that Jordan was crossing a new Rubicon every week. Today's poem celebrates that moment when--after graduating from his bottle to his sippy cup--Jordan took the grand plunge of drinking from a straw out of an open cup. Never will we forget the smile that creased his face when he succeeded.


With smiles bright today I'll glow
Another pattern I'll outgrow
Within my drink there stands a straw
I stare at it with reverent awe
And then take in the flow

Cold liquid spills in the burrow
Within my mouth little grotto
And pleasure then aligns my jaw
With smiles bright

This triumph done, my eyes follow
And gaze at Mommy from below
She cheers and gives a fine hurrah
Her love for me--nary a flaw--
Spills onto me, her small hero
With smiles bright.

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